What is Nada Yoga?

The Yoga of Sound

Nada means ‘flow of sound’ and yoga means ‘union’. Nada Yoga (or Sound Yoga) is the process of uniting the individual mind with cosmic consciousness through the flow of sound. By tracing the origin of sound, music, thoughts and feelings to their source, through a unique fusion of yoga asana, breath work, chanting, vocal toning and meditation, we can experience the pure silence of consciousness. This gentle practice is accessible to beginners and experienced yogis, and focuses on multiple levels of wellbeing.
 Learn how to use sound as a tool to calm the body mind and soul, using a wide variety of techniques. This course is 100% self-paced.

What's Inside the Course?

Your Instructor

Nada Yoga Teacher & Mantra Musician

Nienke Berghuis

Nienke Berghuis is a professional Nada Yoga teacher, Art & Sound Therapist, and Singer-Songwriter. 
She has studied the power of sound and music for over 25 years, in the Netherlands, India, and Australia. She has worked as a yoga teacher and sound healing practitioner in various settings. From 1-1 personal sessions, to intimate classes and retreats, and large-scale events and festivals. Her mission is to empower individuals and groups to bring out their true authentic selves. By providing a safe and supportive environment, she encourages people to express themselves in an artistic and musical way, and unite people from all walks of life, through sound and silence. Combining her unique skills she creates one of a kind classes that incorporate anything from yoga to mantra chanting, vocal toning, art, sound, breath-work, movement and meditation. She plays a wide variety of instruments that facilitate the inner journey towards the self. From guitar to harmonium, singing bowls, flute, gong, drum, chimes, and her voice. She is currently recording her first album, fusing traditional mantras with English and Dutch lyrics. Her gentle pure soul, open heart, and angelic voice, combined with sweet but powerful melodies will touch your core and nourish your inner being.